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How To Order A Cake With ANY Picture.

If you have searched our site but want a different picture just follow this simple guide.
Imagine that you have a toddler who just happens to like crocodiles and you have not seen a Crocodile cake on our site.


1). Go to Google.com and select image search as seen below:

find image

2). Type in ‘crocodile’ or crocodile cartoon depending on the sort of image you would like.

find image

3a). You can filter the 73,900 images by size, try and pick a ‘Large’ picture so it is clear.

If you click on your chosen picture you will be able to view the picture full size.
Right click on your image and then save it to you desk top with a name you will remember.
find image

3b). Save as....

find image

4). Make your selections in step 1, then go to Step 2...

find image

5). Finally click here to look at your computer and select the ‘Crocodile cartoon’ file.

WELL DONE...you can now see the picture on the cake,
……...move it,
……...add a message
……….add a thought bubble too if you wish
just have some fun designing your cake.
PS Legal Stuff, please make sure the image is royalty free.