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The WORTHday Cake -
A Slice of Staff Recognition
Companies such as Google and Apple know that an Ingredient for good business is: Get good staff, and be sure to keep them.
One inexpensive way to help achieve this goal is by presenting them with a WORTHday cake!
So what is a WORTHday cake?
A personalised cake to mark the anniversary of the day they started working with you.
What does the cake look like?
Up to you, typically your logo and a personalised greeting.
What is the cost?
£20—£55 Personalised and delivered in the UK next day!
I am interested! What now?
Call now for a free trial - 0845 3900 900
  ... 101% better than any cake you
can buy from Waitrose or M&S
Pauline Hine
  Great service, great cake.
GREAT party. Thank you
Shareen Ross
  ...a guest said it was the moistest
cake that she'd EVER tasted.
Tony Cattermole
  Excellent cake, light and
delicious. Really impressed.
Gillian Cairns
The WORTHday Cake - A Slice of Staff Recognition
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